Insurance Transformations

Infopro Learning has been a trusted training provider of insurance organizations around the globe for the past 25 years. Our solutions are built to help you solve business problems, not just training problems. If you are going through a major transformation, Infopro Learning provides the turn-key solutions you need to take the transformation to the last mile with your employees.

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    Increasing Customer Service

    Innovations in customer service require fundamental shifts in how you handle customers. We skill your workforce on how to leverage your new tools and technology needed to shrink your cost to serve.

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    Developing the Future of Work

    Training leaders to embrace digital disruption, instead of responding to it, can launch your organization to the top of the pack. We impact the knowledge, behavior, and mindset of your leaders with comprehensive solutions designed for the future of work.

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    Implementing Process Automation

    From automating policy issuance to claim handling, we train your workforce how on your new processes so that they can integrate seamlessly with technology to create a harmonious relationship between robots and humans.

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    Virtual Everything

    As the workforce for insurance becomes increasingly remote, it has a significant impact on employee retention and training. We help organizations keep all employees engaged and skilled with life-long learning ecosystems and collaborative environments.

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    Increasing Software Adoption

    Whether your replacing your flagship software, or just a single application in your tech stack, we help shrink the time to adoption, while driving compliance upwards with scalable software adoption training programs.

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    Improving Cyber Security

    Insurance organizations store what hackers want the most, customer data. We work with organizations to move past a mindset of compliance to regulations, into a cultural shift that understands the value of data integrity.

What We Do

Our mission is to enable human capital transformation by building personalized learning experiences that solve business challenges and create a culture of continuous learning. We provide end to end training services to help you identify training challenges, formulate solutions, implement strategies and track your success.

Onboarding Services

The best onboarding programs can improve employee retention rates by 82%. We can create a customized onboarding program that will engage employees early on and reduce turnover for your organization.

Leadership Training

Developing leaders in a changing industry can be challenging. Our leadership and management development programs provide a proven framework for motivating each person to maximize his or her own strengths and to focus on areas needing development.

Content Development

For over 20 years we have been innovators in developing training content that fits the unique needs of your organization and learner. Whether you need an AR/VR solution or highly engaging elearning, we’ve got the resources you need at a price you can afford.

IT Training

Technology is a differentiator for insurance companies, but gaining adoption of new technology can be a challenge. Infopro Learning’s blended training program mixes EPSS tools, eLearning, and hands-on learning session to shrink time to competency and increase adoption.

High Potential Programs

Developing the next group of leaders is paramount to insurance organizations ability to keep up with the rapid pace of disruption. Our HiPo program is developed for the modern leader and is incredibly agile, giving organizations the ability to make changes on-the-fly to respond to industry shifts.

Mobile Learning

47% of workers in the insurance industry work remotely. We develop mobile learning programs that help your employees access training materials from anywhere and get the answers they need in real time.


Using game-based motivation can increase engagement by 48%. We can integrate game design with work-based applications to drive performance and boost engagement for your organizations training programs.



A global leader in the auto and home insurance industry with over 500+ locations across all 50 states.

    • 100+ years in business
    • Over 50,000 employees
    • Partner of Infopro Learning for 6 years

New insurance transaction software needed to be rolled out to over 10,000 employees

    • Software feature rolled out every 6 weeks at the end of each sprints
    • Changed workflow for call center, sales, and underwriting functions
    • Training needs varied by department, state, and job function

We developed an end-to-end enterprise application adoption training program with post-training support.

    • Worked with the organization to identify KPI of the training program and created a learning strategy to ensure those were accomplished
    • Developed over 50 hours of training content that included performance support tools, elearning, simulations, ILT, and virtual ILT
    • Training program received recognition from Brandon Hall with a Bronze Award
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